get the most out of your lipstick & lip gloss

unique applicator and retractable brushes designed to reach deep into lip gloss and lip product containers

disposable, retractable, and easy to use!

stop wasting makeup!

Easy to Use



  • A retractable lip brush that will also extend and detach to apply lipstick, lip gloss, stain or lip palette.
  • Easy to carry, mobile lip brush that fits in a pocket, long wallet or cosmetic bag.
  • Compatible with two different brush types (sponge and bristle).
  • A better way to use more product and keep true lip color.
  • Comes with a cap to protect hygiene.


  • Allows you to get lipstick and lip gloss for the bottom of the tube.
  • Ideal for lip color application and blending.
  • Use to apply precise lip color at home and on the go.
  • A lip brush that keeps your reds vibrant and nudes soft.
  • Change your lip brush to a fresh tip when needed. It’s like getting a new, fresh, lip brush without the hassle of wash and dry.


  • Use a fresh brush if switching from a dark to light hue. Can also be used to layer or mix shades for vibrant colorful lips.
  • Remove cap, push slider forward to extend the detachable brush. Retrieve product and adjust the slider to apply.
  • Replace the brush and insert a new lip brush frequently.
  • Not suitable for children.

About Us

Juviv is a cosmetic company that thrives on innovation. We set out to develop trend-setting cosmetic tools that protect the authenticity of product color, pigment, and quality. We constantly ask ourselves two questions: 1. What must be developed to meet the needs and wants of the makeup industry and consumers? 2. How will a new product or idea benefit all ages, sexes and levels of makeup lovers? As cosmetic consumers it is often frustrating when your favorite lipstick levels or when you can’t get the last bit of lip gloss from the bottom of the tube. Juviv wants consumers to get full use of their products, which is why we have developed a patent-pending lip brush that both retracts and detaches. The length of the applicator allows the brush to extend to the bottom of every lipstick tube or lip gloss container. Now you will get the full value of your expensive lipstick and/or lip gloss by reaching every smear of color. Many consumers utilize 2 shades of lip color to achieve the ultimate personal shade. The problem is having to constantly wash, rinse, and dry the lip brush in between uses, or the color pigment of either shade changes. With Juviv, you are able to change your lip brush to a fresh tip for each color; no more hassling with washing and drying in between uses. You now have a new, fresh lip brush with every application! We hope you love your Juviv products as much as we do.


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